One Family At A Time 

Supporting communities in Cambodia to break the cycle of poverty by improving access to infrastructure (such as housing, toilets and water supplies), employment and quality education and healthcare.

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One Family At A Time is a Registered Australian charity and has been operating since early 2015. One Family At A Time (affectionately known as OFAAT) was founded by Chair, Jenny Jackson after she and her partner John, travelled around Cambodia in 2014.

Touched by the generous and kind-hearted nature of the Cambodian people, Jenny made the decision to register a charity which would focus on supporting individuals, families and communities, in order to assist them to live the lives of their choosing and achieve their full potential.

One Family At A Time has four priority areas:
  • one family at a time improving access to quality healthcare;
  • one family at a time improving access to quality education, especially for girls;
  • one family at a time providing safe, accessible and affordable housing, toilets and water supplies;
  • one family at a time increasing opportunities for employment for adults, especially women.

Having a strong focus on the social determinants of health and a strong gendered lens and we strive for equity in all that we do. We know that educating girls and focussing on women’s health and wellbeing improve the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the whole family and also of the community more broadly.

Our work and effort is as a result of comprehensive needs assessments which we undertake with Village and Commune Leaders, Health and Education Leaders and staff, communities and families. In addition to making sure that the programs are needed and wanted by the community, we also focus on ensuring that all of our work is evidence based and sustainable.


A compassionate and inclusive community, focused on equity and wellbeing for all.


Working in partnership with communities and families to break the cycle of  poverty and disadvantage through focussing on the social determinants.


Equity, Compassion, Integrity, Sustainability, Effectiveness.

“I love the work of this small grass roots charity. It is really making a significant and lasting impact on the communities and families in the areas where they (OFAAT) work”


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