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Meet the One Family at a Time Team 

In 2014, Founder and Chair (Jenny Jackson) and her partner John, travelled through rural Cambodia and simply fell in love with the people and the country. ​

Touched by the generous and kind-hearted nature of the Cambodian people, Jenny made the decision to register a charity which would focus on supporting individuals, families and communities with the specific support that they required and desired, in order to assist them to lives the lives of their choosing and achieve their full potential.

Our Board is committed to refusing single use plastic in Cambodia (as we do at home). All of our volunteers refuse single use plastic by taking / purchasing a reusable water bottle, cutlery, bamboo or metal straws, Keep Cups and shopping bags. This takes some effort but it’s a habit well worth forming.

This part of our commitment to the beautiful Cambodian people and to the environment. Climate change will continue to impact the most vulnerable until we work together to rectify our behaviour. In addition, our Branching Out program is being expanded so that we can do our part in regeneration of the vegetation by planting more trees.

Our vision is for a compassionate and inclusive community, focussed on achieving equity for all Cambodian people.


Jenny Jackson
(Founder and Chair)

Jenny has held numerous executive and non-executive roles in the women’s, health and community sector for more than 20 years. Throughout her career, Jenny has worked in both the private and public sectors.

Jenny holds formal qualifications in health, education, business and governance and has a proven track record as a leader with vision, passion, resilience and creativity. Her interpersonal communications skills and relationship management experience, coupled with a strong commitment to equity and social justice enable Jenny to continually strive for strategic outcomes which demonstrate quality, efficiency and excellence.
Jenny’s key strengths lie in strategic leadership, change management, relationship management and in the development of high performance teams.

Gabrielle Hitch

Gabrielle Hitch
(Deputy Chair)


Gabrielle (Gab) is an experienced leader and proud feminist. Gab has formal qualifications in Sociology (Hons) and Law (Masters) and many years’ experience working with women and children in both direct service delivery and also as a senior manager. Gab is an avid reader and life-long learner, and one who has a natural ability to lead with grace and grit.

A tireless advocate, Gab makes a significant impact in the work of OFAAT through her expertise in gender, family violence, sociology, legal matters and an impactful feminist lens.

As a member of the OFAAT Governance Committee in addition to her Board role, Gab supports the quality, risk and compliance work of OFAAT both here in Australia and in Cambodia.


Carmel Kavanagh

Carmel is a qualified Accountant with many years experience in Local Government and the Not for Profit sector. Carmel brings with her an eye for detail and a commitment to transparent and ethical funds management. Carmel is the ‘quiet achiever’ on the Board and is highly regarded for her capacity to manage budgets, forecasts and cashflow in way that ensures excellent financial health and sustainability for One Family At A Time.


Rebecca (Bec) Jackson

Bec holds a Bachelor of Nursing and is employed at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. Awarded the St Vincents Hospital Graduate Nurse of the Year, Bec demonstrates excellent leadership, empathy and expertise, particularly in relation to health and wellbeing.

Bec has a strong interest and commitment to working towards equitable, just and sustainable outcomes for communities – especially those who are experiencing disadvantage and poverty.

Having travelled to Cambodia many times, Bec is determined to make ‘a real difference’ in the lives of those in the communities in which we work, through a strong, evidence based approach and focus on improving access to quality healthcare.


Kerry Geppert 

Kerry has extensive experience in finance and administrative roles, particularly in the Not for Profit sector. In addition to these technical skills, Kerry has a warm and engaging personality which means she is great at networking and marketing. These qualities are of great value to One Family At A Time and assist us with making new connections and strengthening existing ones.


Victoria (Tori) Jackson

Tori holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and has a passion for working with children and families. Tori well understands the life long impact of health, attachment, play and love in the early years and is determined to make a positive impact through her work with One Family At A Time.

A keen advocate for literacy, play and art, Tori makes a significant and important contribution to our priority area of ‘improving access to quality education’ in the communities where we work.

Having travelled to Cambodia on a number of occasions, Tori is a keen advocate for our work and is a great ambassador for One Family At A Time. 

Naomi Lowen

Naomi Lowen

Naomi has formal qualifications and extensive expertise in Occupational therapy and has worked internationally and in Australia. Naomi holds a strong commitment to equity and human rights and lives these values in all of her work. Naomi’s skills are broad however her creativity and problem solving skills and deep understanding of building inclusive practice (particularly for people with disabilities) are a huge asset to One Family At A Time. In addition to these skills, Naomi has a passion for ensuring evidence-based practice and sound governance and is a valuable asset for us in our work.

Kim Broadley

Kim Broadley

Kim joined the One Family At A Time Board in 2019.

Kim’s experience in finance, administration and governance make her an ideal fit for the OFAAT Board.

Kim has a keen interest in establishing and embedding systems and process improvements to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, compliance and achievement of organisational goals and objectives. Her track record of behaving at all times with integrity and honesty are highly regarded and welcomed by our team.

In addition to professional experience and expertise, Kim holds a Diploma in Governance and is looking forward to supporting One Family At A Time through her governance role and membership of the Governance sub-committee.

Brianna Myors

Brianna Myors

Brianna’s qualifications in public health and health promotion are invaluable to One Family At A Time. Bri’s commitment to public health, equity and program evaluation are highly valued assets and the work of One Family At A Time is aided greatly by these qualities. In addition, Bri is a senior manager who holds significant expertise in program planning, design, evaluation, community engagement, systems thinking and contract management – these skills absolutely transferable and relevant to her governance role and are bound to make a major and positive impact. Brianna’s personal and professional goal is to help create a society where women are truly valued and respected, with equal access to opportunities.

OFAAT has a number of vacant roles for volunteers with a variety of skills and expertise.
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