PRIORITY #4 – Supporting equity by providing access to infrastructure

Our fourth and equally important priority area involves the building of toilets, installation of water supplies and building housing. 

According to the United Nations, worldwide, one in three people do not have access to safe drinking water, two out of five people do not have a basic hand-washing facility with soap and water, and more than 673 million people still practice open defecation.

We are really proud to have built dozens of houses, toilets, wells, and water supplies in many areas of Cambodia and are committed to continuing this important work. 

John Galletti designed the “OFAAT Signature House” in 2017 and it is now very recognisable as our “brand” in the villages where we work. The houses are made predominantly from steel (contributing to longevity of the building structure, as well as protecting forests from harvesting of precious trees). The OFAAT Signature House has opening, lockable, glass doors and windows, guttering for fresh rainwater collection and many other features. The houses are enormously popular, and we have a ‘waiting list’ for future building. 

We only build houses for families once Village and Commune Leaders have given their approval. Approval for a house to be built involves the community leaders verifying land ownership and receiving a commitment from the family to live without family violence, to avoid problem gambling, alcohol and drug use and to ensure that the children attend school. The families are supported to achieve these goals, through regular contact with community leaders in addition to our In-Country Coordinator.  

We have a team of builders who produce high quality workmanship and who are paid decent wages by OFAAT for their work. We encourage local builders to assist with the building and pay them for their work also. 

OFAAT Director, Jenny Jackson is the lead for this Priority Area and can be contacted on to discuss any ideas or offers of support.  

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