Our Philosophies and Way of Working

Overview of our work and philosophies:

At One Family At A Time we take our work very seriously. We have strong internal systems that befit a much larger organisation (including policies, procedures, risk and quality management systems, strategic plan, program planning frameworks and much more). Our Board and 2 sub committees (Governance plus Fundraising and Communications) work diligently behind the scenes to ensure high quality governance and operations. 

We work in close collaboration with our In-Country Coordinator, who meets regularly with Village and Commune Leaders, School and Health Centre staff, local business owners, farmers and of course, the families we work alongside. 

One of the key strengths of our organisation is the way in which we plan our programs. We consult, engage, seek feedback, check the evidence and we do this cyclically to ensure we adjust if, and when, we need to. 

All our work is informed by, and linked to, the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We take a “Strengths-based” approach in all our work – recognising and respecting rights of all individuals and communities to self-determination. The Cambodian people are wise, hard-working, resilient, and enormously capable. It is our privilege to know them and to have the opportunity to work alongside of them. 

Inclusivity of people living with a Disability:
One Family At A Time celebrates the strengths of every person and recognises that people living with a disability can face additional barriers to participation in their day to day life in Cambodia. Through working with each individual as well as the village and community leaders, One Family At A Time seeks to understand both the strengths and barriers for each individual. We work to advocate for a safe and inclusive environment through which people with a disability are empowered to engage in a meaningful way and participate fully.  

Through each of our programs, One Family At A Time seeks to nurture a safe and inclusive approach. Each family participates in a thorough individual assessment which helps us to learn about the needs and skills of each person.  Where specialist assessment and support is required, One Family At A Time aims to identify an appropriate service or program and coordinate referral. 

Programs such as our small business loans can support people living with a disability to draw on their strengths and skills and empower them to build their independence through development of a business/trade. While elevated housing is generally required due to rising water levels during the wet season, we have also adapted our house and toilet design to enable easy access for a person using a wheelchair in Duon Sva Village.