Coffee Club

One Family At A Time – Coffee Club Program

Members of this ‘club’ donate the cost of one coffee per week (AUD$3.00) in order for us to build houses, toilets and other infrastructure for families experiencing significant hardship, poverty and disadvantage.

Houses and toilets are built once land ownership is confirmed and the family agrees to send their children to school, live free from family violence and gambling.

This is a really effective program aimed at ensuring all families have a safe, weather proof and secure place to call home and a toilet for improved sanitation safety. We know that if families are able to have access to secure housing they are then more able to seek meaningful employment, gain education and improve their health and wellbeing.

To join this ‘club’, we suggest setting up a weekly bank direct debit. Believe it or not, the money adds up and we have built several houses over the years! 

Bank details: Bendigo Bank
Acct Name: One Family At A Time Ltd
BSB: 633000
Acct No: 154824239