First 1000 Days

“The first 1000 days lasts a lifetime”  

First 1000 DaysWe are proud of our “First 1000 Days” program:
In reviewing the evidence about what works and what’s needed to ensure children have the best possible start in life, we have put a program together to address needs during the vital first 1000 days of life (from conception until a child’s second birthday).

Our main areas of focus are:

one family at a timeINVESTING in the ‘partnership’ between a mother and her child – the first and best step in ensuring healthy children, prosperous families and strong communities.

one family at a time Providing access and support for the “LIFESAVING” SIX:
• Iron / Folate • Breastfeeding • Complementary feeding • Vitamin A • Zinc • Hygiene •

one family at a timeKEEPING GIRLS IN SCHOOL
Better educated girls have fewer, healthier, better nourished babies.

The First 1000 Days Program in more detail:
We assemble and distribute packs for pregnant women in Pouk District as part of our “First 1000 Days Program”. Each pack contains:
  • Iron Fish
  • Multivitamins
  • Vegetable seeds (especially green leafy varieties)
  • Moringa seeds
  • Mosquito Net
  • Easy to read (and with pictures) guide to pregnancy care and wellbeing
  • Birthing kit from Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia).

All put together in a beautiful backpack.

Also, as part of the “First 1000 Days Program” we assemble and distribute packs for women and newborn infants, which are given out by the Samroang Yea Health Centre staff immediately following birth. The packs contain:
  • Nutritional Supplements for women (such as “Ensure”, “Sustagen” etc)

  • Days for Girls kits from Days for Girls Yarra Valley VIC Australia Team

  • Reusable water bottle, cup and food container

  • Plastic tub

  • Soap, face washer and soft towel

  • Lightweight clothing for baby

  • Knitted / cotton hats for newborn

  • Lightweight wraps and blankets for baby

  • Washable nappies

  • Vegetable seeds

  • Moringa seeds

  • Information sheet (with pictures) to promote breastfeeding, importance of maternal care and wellbeing, hygiene, nutrition and the importance of play and the maternal-child bond.

You can also donate just $1.50 per week and we can then purchase the other items, such as Iron Fish and plastic tubs etc in Cambodia.

We invite any knitters or sewing fans to knit / sew lightweight baby hats, wraps and blankets.

We love donations of new (or lightly used) washable nappies. We don’t need baby clothes at this stage though – we have LOADS!

We also need donations of packets of vegetable seeds (especially green / leafy vegetables), bottles of multivitamins (especially those targeted at pregnant and breastfeeding women) and tubs of nutritional supplements such as “Ensure”.

sewing machine cambodia

“The The first 1000 days lasts a lifetime and that’s why we are heavily investing our time and effort in this important program. 

Other activities such as play group and girl-focussed education campaigns are in progress too.