Small Business Loans

One Family At A Time
Small Business Loans Program

Another priority area for us at One Family At A Time is increasing opportunities for decent employment for adults. Many of the families we work with earn less than USD$2.00 per day and are living in extreme poverty. Access to decent employment options are limited and this further perpetuates the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. Our In-Country Coordinator works closely with families to assess their skills, experience and employment goals. We then match donors with these families. So far, we have started hairdressing salons, shops (selling preloved clothing and groceries), fishing business, motorcycle repair apprenticeship and business, chicken farm, sewing business and more. Our Branching Out growers are also small businesses set up via this program.

How does it work?
Donors provide funds (generally AUD$450 depending on business type and training / set up costs) to One Family At A Time and we match these funds to a family in the communities where we work. An agreement is reached with the family about sending the children to school, living free of family violence and gambling etc.

Loans are provided interest free and a flexible repayment program is established. The funds repaid are then used by us to generate another loan with another family. And so it goes on. If you’re keen to support a small business owner, please contact us.