Responding to Violence against Women and Children

PRIORITY #6 – Supporting women and children who are responding to family violence

One Family At A Time recognises and honours the strength of Cambodian women and girls responding to violence. 

We do not currently directly deliver family violence response services however, our aim is to ensure women and children are referred, where relevant and appropriate, to quality specialist support services. One Family At A Time holds a strong belief that perpetrators of gender-based violence must be held accountable for their choice to use violence. We work collaboratively with the Cambodian Justice system where appropriate and required. 

One Family At A Time has built dozens of toilets and houses for families in need. Our efforts in building stable and safe accommodation, and private toilet facilities, recognises the strong criminogenic connection between open/outdoor toileting, and perpetration of sexual and physical violence against women and children. Therefore, building toilets nearby to a family’s house provides practical security for women and children by reducing the need for them to toilet in secluded areas in the forest or fields away from their houses and away from visibility. In the same way, having a house that is secure and lockable (doors and windows) is a strong and evidenced protective mechanism. We consider these initiatives to be part of our response programs and not as the primary prevention of violence against women. True prevention is stopping violence at the root cause – which is founded in gender inequality, unequal distribution of power and broader cultures that reward domination and violence. These gendered drivers and cultural factors are present in most societies around the world and are not reflective of Cambodian culture. 

We work in collaboration with local authorities to select families most in need and have a particular focus on supporting women of all ages who live alone or with children.

One Family At A Time has highly qualified, expert family violence response leaders on our Board and this priority area will be expanded as funding and resources are secured.

OFAAT Directors, Gabrielle Hitch, Tori Jackson and Jenny Jackson are the leads for this Priority Area and can be contacted on or or to discuss any ideas or offers of support. 

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